Disneyland Goes 3D

I had a chance to visit Disneyland and California Adventure last Sunday, and rode Space Mountain three times thanks to my cousin’s skill at navigating the park and knowing how to avoid lines. We DID stand in line for 45 minutes for ToyStory Mania in California Adventure Park — and it was worth it!

This was a ride that let you “throw” balls to break plates, “toss” rings  and play other Midway games — in 3D.  The two-person cars whip you around the inside of the arcade (you feel a bit like you’re a pinball being slingshotted) and then you  face a huge 3D projection screen (over 40 feet, I guess) where you start trying to win points.  The depth of the imagery; the humor of the scenes (little green army men sweeping up broken plates) and the SFX all work together to make a really fun experience.  Its easy to see how they can refresh the games much more easily than with physical infrastructure.

The polarized 3D glasses worked well: I felt only a small bit of eyestrain at the end of the ride (I almost always have some discomfort with any 3D technology) –but it could have been because I was working so hard  trying to beat my son’s score!

~ by stragail on June 29, 2009.

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