From the Archives: May 2008

I’m reading “The Breakthrough Company” by Keith R. McFarland. It’s dense reading, but worth it. Keith and his team conducted a five-year longitudinal study of more than 7,000 companies to understand what it takes for high-growth companies to get to the next level. His research debunks many entrepreneurial myths. Great insight. If you are low on time read the last two pages of each chapter to get to the essentials.

— Cécile

Please don’t think I am strange or foolish, but I have a confession to make: My name is Mike E. and I am an avid gamer. I passionately follow the industry (yeah, I planned my social life around the release of Grand Theft Auto IV this week, and your point would be…?). My alter ego is GiantLakeOFire. I’m good too. I just won the brigade round of my Call of Duty clan’s “Free for All” championship. But what I’m most proud of is the way I’ve managed to make my gaming addiction look like work.

— Mike

When I started working at STRA, my wife, Jenny, and I relocated from Portland to Seattle. Of course I hit the ground running at work and it’s only now that we’re getting around to buying a house in Seattle — one of the few cities that isn’t seeing much of a downturn in the housing market. Between selling our old house, looking for a new one, and desperately trying to read the tea leaves of the subprime meltdown, I now fancy myself a real estate tycoon. My dad says he paid less than $30,000 for the house I grew up in. Of course, he didn’t have Zillow, so I guess that’s a fair trade.

— Mike

This summer the city girl that I am will be tapping into my agricultural side. Local community activists have started a program called The Community Fruit Tree Harvest (there are similar programs all up and down the West Coast). I am one of the neighborhood volunteers who will gather the bounty from backyard fruit trees that are producing more than people can use and deliver it to local food banks. What a savvy way to redistribute resources.

— Sandy

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